1.    You must have gone true safety training before attending any of the activities in the climbing park:

      * Be sure that you have understood what is going on through the safety training.
        Ask if something is unclear.


2.   You are responsible for your own and your children's activity and safety in the climbing park:

     * Persons under the age of 18 must have the approval of a guardian to attend activities.

     * Children under 12 must be under the direct supervision of the adult. Children under 10 must have an adult in the climbing slopes.


3.   Safety equipment:

     * The climbing harness has 3 buckles - 1 on the hip belt and 1 in each thigh loop.
       The harness should always be tight.

     * If you suspect or are unsure wether the seal is properly fastened,
       contact the instructor immediately to check this.

     * Make sure you are always secured while climbing.


4.   Activities:

     * Read the postings of each activity / obstacle and check that you are properly secured before moving out of the activity / obstacle.

     * Move calmly and controlled through activities and platforms.

     * It is only allowed with 1 person per barrier, wait until it is clear before moving on to the obstacle.

     * On the big platforms between each obstacle there can be up to 3 people. Wait until there is free space on the platform before moving into the                    obstacle. In the small platforms there is only allowed to be one person.

     * Be sure there are no others on the zip-line before driving. 

     * Do not touch the zip-wire when you are in motion.

     * In case of faults or defects at the facility, staff should be contacted immediately.

     * Maximum weight for climbers: 120 kg.

     * Climbing is sometimes physically demanding.

     * You have no right to compensation from Drammen Skisenter AS in case of accident to yourself or others if you dont follow this safety rules.


 5.   Access to the activities is not allowed for:

     * Persons affected by alcohol or other drugs.

     * Persons below the height requirement to each course .

     * Pregnant women.


6.   Access to the activities is not recommended for:

     * People with back / neck pain or disease that affect the heart / lungs, or have other physical challenges.

I have read and understood the safety rules that apply to the Drammen Activity-park. Use of the climbing park can lead to risk and, in the worst case scenario, can cause injury or death. I also understand that I will be expelled from the activity without refund of the ticket if I do not fully comply with the security rules.


Drammen Activity Park